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The Plan, The List

On November 13, I decided to attempt the 101 Things in 1001 Days idea that had been floating around. I started my list, and will officially begin on November 14, 2008. I've set this entry, with the list of things, for the date that is 1001 days from then.

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part). Cross them off as you do them, and add the dates. Include the date you started the list and the finishing date.

I'm intending to do one better, and do an LJ entry about each thing! Watch this space.

101 Things:

Health and Fitness
1) Join a Gym 25 Feb 10
2) Exercise 3 times a week for a month
3) Attend a fitness class
4) Eat 5-a-day for a week
5) Eat 5-a-day for a month
6) Lose 10 lbs
7) Lose 20 lbs
8) Lose 30 lbs
9) Lose 40 lbs
10) Go down a dress size
11) Reward self with new outfit
12) Go down two dress sizes
13) Reward self with new outfit
15) Buy a bicycle
16) Ride bicycle 10 times [0/10]
17) Cycle to work once
18) Have 30 days where I do only what I want [0/30]

19) Pay off US Capital One credit card Feb 2010
20) Pay off US Citibank credit card
Completed 16 Sep 09
21) Pay off Tristan’s UK credit card Feb 2010
22) Create a 3,000 GBP Emergency Fund - progress!
23) Have all change in ducky banks converted to paper money
24) Donate 1GBP per item completed to charity

25) Finish my wedding scrapbook for my aunt
Completed Sep 09
26) Finish my own wedding scrapbook
27) Buy four scrapbooking albums
28) Finish my scrapbook of our Prague trip
29) Make scrapbook of fostered cats
30) Take 100 pictures I am proud of [17/100] 1-17
31) Create a website for my photography
32) Have 3 photographs of mine framed [0/3]
33) Create a photobook for gifts on photobox.com
34) Be paid for a print or to photograph an event
35) Win NaNoWriMo 2008 - Current Word Count
Completed 29 Nov 08
36) Win NaNoWriMo 2009 - Current Word Count
Completed 30 Nov 09
37) Finish Book 1 of planned trilogy
38) Finish Book 2 of planned trilogy
39) Finish Book 3 of planned trilogy
40) Work up courage to let someone read novels
41) Let someone read anything I have written
42) Write 20,000 words a month: [Jan 09, Feb 09, Mar 09, Apr 09, May 09, Jun 09, Jul 09, Aug 09, Sep 09, Oct 09, Nov 09, Dec 09]
43) Write 20,000 words a month: [Jan 10, Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 10, May 10, Jun 10, Jul 10, Aug 10, Sep 10, Oct 10, Nov 10, Dec 10]
44) Have something published
45) Be paid for something I have written
46) Go to a ballroom dancing class
47) Attend ballroom dancing lessons with Tristan regularly (at least 12 lessons)
48) Sign self up for modern dance lessons at Rambert Completed 19 Nov 08
49) Attend modern dance lessons! - Lesson: 1, 2-5, Finished!
50) Join an amateur theatre group
51) Audition for a play

52) Finish Farm Frenzy with all golds
Completed 9 May 09
53) Finish Farm Frenzy 2 with all golds
54) Finish Miss Management with all 3 Stars
55) Finish 5 of our console games [0/5]

56) Visit 3 new countries [0/3]
57) Take a sleeper train somewhere
58) Take three daytrips out of London [0/3]
59) See the pyramids
60) Look for Nessie!

Adventures and Experiences
61) Find 101 things for this list! completed 14 Nov 08
62) Go White Water Rafting
63) Do something fantastic for our anniversary [2009, 2010, 2011]
64) Watch a live dance show
65) Eat at a Michelin Starred restaurant
66) Make a list of 101 things to do before I die
67) Do one thing off of life list
68) Go to the theatre 12 times [1/12] 1, 2 [2/12]
69) Go to a classical music concert
70) See the Northern Lights
71) Go to Carols at Candlelight at the Royal Albert Hall
72) Visit the Tate Modern
73) Walk from Waterloo to both of my offices once [1/2] Office 2
74) Pick a nice day and go for a walk along the river in downtown
75) Try 10 new foods [10/10]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5-8, 9-end!
76) Go snorkeling
77) Have 30 days with no TV and no computer (excl. work) [0/30]
78) Throw a message in a bottle into the sea
79) Go on a London Ghost Walk
80) Walk Oxford Street from top to bottom
81) Watch all 5 Oscar Nominated Best Picture movies - 2009 [0/5], 2010 [0/5], 2011 [0/5]
82) Have a picnic, complete with basket and blanket
83) Spend a day at a spa with a friend

Life Stuff
84) Get my ILR
85) Get UK driving license
86) Re-do fish tank done!
87) Re-stock fish tank done!
88) Get rid of 30 things we do not use [12/30] 1-4, 5-12
89) Cook five new recipes [4/5] 1, 2, 3-4
90) Use slow cooker for five new recipes [0/5]
91) Have 10 “dates” with Tristan [1/10] 1
92) Apply for a promotion
Completed Aug 09 An Update - Feb 10
93) Do a weekly meal plan for 1 month
94) Clean out home e-mail inbox
95) Clean out work e-mail inbox
96) Be in bed by 10pm every work night for two weeks
97) Buy a sewing machine
98) Get a professional haircut
99) Find UK dentist and get teeth cleaned
100) Finish DIY project – skirting around bedroom door

101) On day 1001, make a new list


21 / 101 things. 21% done!


#92 - Apply For A Promotion

... And a follow up from this one.

Months and months later, they re-instated the recruitment for this job. I was shortlisted for interview and went along 2 weeks ago. I interviewed on a Thursday and was offered the job the next day! Woo hoo!

I'm absolutely over the moon, as it's more what I've always wanted to do, and a rung up the career ladder.


#87 - Re-stock Fish Tank


And we got our first residents of the newly up and running tank this weekend. We're the proud owners of 8 glowlight Tetras, who have settled in very quickly and seem to be enjoying their new home.

In about six weeks, we'll look to get a second batch of fish. We need to empty and clean our quarantine/hospital tank before we do though.

Picture of the new fish later!


#86 - Re-do Fish Tank

It's taken me nearly two years to get over the Massive Fish Death Trauma. We had some sort of disease take hold in our tank, and wiped out all of our fish. I went into psychotic overdrive and blamed myself, though I do know that fishkeeping is difficult. We emptied the tank and it has sat as a horrible reminder in our living room for two years, acting as a junk collecting point.

We finally got new rocks in and re-filled the tank. We even bought all new plants and decorations. Tristan cleaned the filter and got it going with all new bits, and we let the water cycle for ages.

It's now up and running!


#68 - Go to the Theatre 12 Times

We went and saw Wicked (me for I think the 9th or 10th time, seriously) with Tristan's company a month or so ago!

I've got to find something new to watch!


#22 - Create a 3,000 GBP Emergency Fund

Now that the credit cards are paid off, we're starting our fund. We're 1 month in and 1/4 of the way there, so this should be a quick one.

We're contemplating dipping into some of it to go away for our anniversary, which is not really finance minded, but we've been very tight the last few months and I desperately need to unwind from work!


#21 - Pay Off Tristan's UK Credit Card

And, on 22nd Feb, we paid off Tristan's card. Worst point, 4.5k GBP.

We got serious about our finances last October/November when I had the threat of redundancy hanging over my head and have spent the last 4 or 5 months pulling out all the stops to clear the debt we are carrying.

We're now not carrying a balance on any credit card, which is such a relief. I'm really proud of us!


#19 - Pay off US Capital One Credit Card

At the beginning of Feb, I transferred enough money to the US to finally pay off this card. At it's worst, it was at $4,000. We paid nearly $2,000 in February to clear it.

Just in time, as they had randomly jacked my interest rate from 9% to 17%!


#1 - Join a Gym

Last Thursday (25th February 2010), I bit the bullet and joined a gym.

I'd been dithering, as I keep telling myself that I should be able to exercise without spending money.

This is, however, not the case. Trying to exercise in my house is a non-starter. There are too many things to do that are way funner than sweating. It's basically a non-starter.

I also hate the outdoors, so doing anything outside just does not happen.

Ergo, to the gym I must go if I'm going to get in any physical activity.

I'm doing well - I've already gone three times and it's been less than a week. I'm hoping to keep this up - even if just for the month so I can tick #2 off my list!

I've also had a session with a personal trainer, so am heading in the right direction with this, I think.

#36 - Win NaNoWriMo 2009

I did it, second year running! Go me!

I'm also trying to take it a bit more seriously this year, and am finishing it and editing it as well. I've done a fair amount of work on it since November already, and hope to continue.

I've set myself a New Year's goal to have it finished and polished by 1st September, and then hopefully work up the nerve to start querying agents.

We'll see. First step is probably to let anyone read it. :-p